Rockies Home Opener - 4 Ways to Hit It Out of the Park!

Are you excited for Baseball Season to return? So are we here at Colorado Urban Living! Well, technically Opening Day was yesterday, but since we live in Colorado our big day is one week away! That’s right fans… your Colorado Rockies Home Opener! The current weather forecast for April 6th is 68 degrees! What a perfect temperature to ease you out of Winter and into Spring Baseball! Here’s how you can “Hit It Out of the Park” on Friday:

  1. Take the day off! – If you are like us, then you work hard every day. Everyone deserves a personal day every now and then. They say nothing is more American than baseball, so if you go by that logic, opening day is basically an American Holiday! What better way to spend your day than relaxing with friends and family, firing up the grill, having a cold drink and soaking up the sun. Work hard, Play hard - right?
  2. Crack open a cold one! - Whether this be a nice refreshing coca cola or an ice-cold beer, nothing tastes better while cheering on the home team. There’s just something about beer and baseball that goes together. In fact, if this country had a national drinking song we would nominate Take Me Out to the Ball Game. Plus, what else is going to keep the losing team’s fans happy?... CHEERS!
  3. Break out the grill! – What goes best with a cold beer? That’s right… Burgers, brats and hotdogs! Over the years stadiums have introduced foods that rival those at all your favorite restaurants, but the hotdog remains the most popular item. Why? TRADITON, TRADITION, TRADITION! Hot dogs have been a staple at ball parks for generations. Just the smell alone means baseball season is here. So, fire up that grill and invite all of your friends and family.
  4. “Rock” your team gear – Get it? Rock … as in ROCKIES! No doubt we will be wearing purple on Friday to support our Colorado Rockies! However, we won’t fault you for wearing your team’s colors. Jerseys are the most powerful connection between fans and their team.

“Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.” – Babe Ruth ... If you are ready to hit it out of the park with your next home purchse, Contact us today!