Complimentary room by room design consultation, full staging, & moving trailer!

We offer our clients free high-end staging with room by room design, consulting, furniture, and accessories. We also offer a free moving trailer to reserve and use for storing items, donating furniture to a charity, or if needed, on the big moving day! We take great pride in marketing our client's property and utilize all of the latest marketing tools available. We provide a top level of service in listing preparation, print material, online presence, social media, and communication. Our ability to combine all of these elements in such a professional manner gives our clients a top level of exposure in both the local, regional, and international markets. 

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Home staging creates an inviting atmosphere for potential buyers. It's about making your house look bigger, brighter, as well as warm and inviting. Most of all, it makes buyers want to live in it.

Assist 2 List Program

Have a property that needs some work before it goes on the market, but don't have the funds to pay for it before it sells. Check out our Assist 2 List program.